Hi, I'm Gregory

These are the people and lessons that shaped my life.

I am a husband, soon to be father, a brother, an Uncle, a son, an educator, a friend, a goal setter, and a dreamer.  Those roles define who I am as a person and are the things that are most dearest to me. The issues that each of these people go through in life are the ones that make me want to make this place a better place.

I was born in New Orleans, La and I was one of three children from my mom.  I am the youngest, my sister is in the middle, and my brother is the oldest.  We always had each other's back, but we also all had a rough teenage life. I always had a hard time in school with academics, however I met a few mentors through wrestling who forever impacted my life.  They gave me a purpose and a skill that took me places that I never thought was possible.


My senior year in high school was the year Katrina hit Southern Louisiana and forced us to leave our city for several months.  When we returned to the city life was forever changed. After graduation I planned on going to college for wrestling, but my scholarship was put on hold due to an injury.   

My career in wrestling was over, so I enrolled into a community college and failed out after the first semester. I then took a job for a natural disaster company where I traveled to multiple states going to disaster zones and helping people with debris on their property.  During this time I was volunteering with the wrestling team at my alumni High School where I met a man who inspired a dream that I thought I lost.  


That dream brought me to Northern Michigan University to an Olympic Wrestling Facility for Greco Roman Wrestling. I left everything behind and moved to a place not knowing what was going to happen.  I followed my dream and it changed my life. I met my wife, got my degree in education, and got to battle with some of the best wrestlers in the world. 


My wife and I met during college and we recently got done celebrating ten years of being together.  That celebration led to another celebration of us starting a family. That news has motivated me more to follow this path because I want my child to grow up in the best possible word.  I dream of a world where there is peace and justice for this next generation.    


My wife makes me laugh everyday, I found my soulmate.  When we met in college she was working in the cafeteria and always had a smile on her face.  She first went to college as an art major and then her goal changed. She wanted to help make people beautiful, so she got her cosmetology license through our university.  While she was working on her career as a hairdresser, I was going to school to become an educator. Once I graduated, we moved to Las Vegas. She had only lived in Northern Michigan before moving to Las Vegas and it was definitely a culture shock.  She worked in a few hotel spas before deciding to go back to school at CSN to become a Registered Nurse. She follows her heart and demands to be happy with what she does with her time.

My Wife and I both went to college and we both accumulated a lot in student loans.  For the past ten years we have struggled to pay these loans. We know the difference between private loan companies like Sallie Mae and Federal Loans.  Something is wrong in our society where the cost of higher education is such a large debt that a person will work for 30 years as a teacher and still be in debt for going to college for four years to become a teacher.  


My sister inspires me everyday to be better.  She holds me accountable for being the best person that I can be.  She is an Emergency Room Nurse who has explored the United States as a travel nurse and is now a full time ER nurse in the same town as my mom.  She loves caring for people and made it her career job. We need more people like my sister who want to be on the frontline in medical emergency situations.  The United States also faces a shortage in nurses, we have to encourage people to pursue careers in the medical world.  


My brother has been through a lot and conquered the challenges thrown his way.  He has been my best friend for all of my life, he has taught me several things and he’s been there to guide me in the right direction when I needed him most.  He is an entrepreneur, he started with buying some rental properties and then started his own construction company from scratch. All while trying to be the best father he could be and provide for his family.  I asked him one time what would he love to do and said he is doing it. He went into detail about how he takes a space that isn’t appreciated and then redesigns it for people to use it and enjoy it. We need people like this because they are going to be the designers, creators, and maintainers of our infrastructure for the 21st century.  


My niece and nephew are at an age right now where they are trying to figure out their path. This is a unique time in everybody's life.  The choices that are made during this time period can impact your entire life. As an educator, I promote going to college.  I also promote exploring your interests and learning about things you don’t even know about yet.  In the United States we have some amazing programs that allow you to go out and explore the world and while giving back.  We need to promote this time period in their life for the younger generation to explore, this way they can learn more about themselves before rushing into something.  I want this generation to be successful and education will help it, but we also have to be happy with who we are. How many people do you know ,right now, that aren’t happy with their job?  I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but the first two colleges I went to I did not take seriously. It was a waste of time and resources.  

My parents are getting older and it is only a matter of time till they will need assistance.  They got divorced when I was in middle school and they now live in separate states. My family is in a position to provide assistance for them in Las Vegas, not every family is able to.  We have a large elderly population who will need assistance. Many people my age will have to take on this responsibility which will add a certain level of stress. 


My mom was an educator for over 30 years, she followed in her mother's steps with becoming a teacher.  She is originally from the midwest, but once she graduated she got in her car and ended up in southern Louisiana teaching.  My mom has no fears and follows her dreams. I know she is the person who has made me feel that it is ok to follow my dreams even when people say it’s impossible.   


My father is originally from Georgia and he came to New Orleans with nothing and now runs multiple businesses that are successful.  After my parents divorce he remarried to my step mom Judy. As a child, I remember him always working. During the weekend we would drive from one job site to another job site.  I believe this is where I developed my fears of heights by climbing up extension ladders with my hand full of stuff and feeling like I was going to lose my grip and fall. When we were at these job sites, he was setting goals for the next week and looking at the progress from that week.  By watching him do this from a young age to my teenage years, this is where I believe I developed the importance of setting goals and always reflecting on how to be more efficient. 

I hope by telling you about the people who are most dearest to me, you have a better understanding of who I am.  I am not perfect and I don’t pretend to be, all of these people can tell you about multiple mistakes I have made during my life.  They can also tell you how I handled those mistakes and grew from them. I am always growing as a human being to become better.


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