I support a single payer health insurance.  This is where everyone in the country would have insurance that is paid for by taxes.  The government negotiates the price of services that private health care companies can charge for procedures.  This would lower medical costs in many ways which will lower the cost for the service. You eliminate the possibility of the hospital not being paid by the patient and basically the administration department that deals with billing insurance companies.  


Will my care level go down with this type of plan? The care level will stay the same.  The hospitals and doctors will remain private. There will of course be state run hospitals, however that is not a new concept.  


Will there be a waiting list to see doctors? More people will have access to health insurance, so at first I would assume it would be crowded.  However, with my present insurance company when I called the doctor's office in my provider list and I was put on a waiting list for 2 months. It was easier for me to just go to urgent care then to get a primary doctor.  


This sounds really good, why do we not already have a system like this in the United States? The healthcare industry spent over 500 million dollars lobbying our elected officials in 2018.  That is the number that we can see. These companies involved in health care insurance are making billions of dollars. Humana health insurance in 2017 paid 1.2 billion less in taxes due to federal tax cuts.  Imagine what their profits are.  


How are these companies making money?  They sell you or your employer insurance for medical needs with discounted rates.  I just looked at my Clark County School District license benefits package and my employer pays $7,344 and I pay 2,400 for a total cost of $9,744.    I can honestly say I probably only used $1,000 worth of insurance for the previous 7 years of my employment. The one medical emergency I had under this insurance where I had to go to an emergency room.  The insurance covered $127 dollars towards a few of the doctors, but didn’t cover the ones because they were out of the tier system. I ended up paying over $3,000 dollars in just doctor bills. That was not the lab work bill or the facility use bill which adds up to another $1,000.  I want you to understand that we received an ultrasound, blood work, and a prescription from this visit. I hope you see how they are making      


How will I help the United States go to a single payer health insurance plan?  The majority of Americans have heard of this type of plan before, however some people have a misunderstanding of it and would need proper education on it.  I would create or help spread education on this matter. I will also call out any form of corruption and share with the american people what is going on behind closed doors with health care companies and elected officials. I am only becoming a politician to ensure the American people's interests are being put first.  


For the people who are against medicare for all,  I want to know why. Why should people have to go through a financial hardship to get care?  If your response is because the care would not be of good quality, let's address that by finding a solution instead of doing nothing. 


Our world is constantly changing.  The technology that allowed people to go to the moon can now fit in a child's hand.  One thing that has not changed is our education system. We educate every child in the country and provide them with ample resources to become successful.  We can be better though.


As a classroom teacher for the past eight years in all Title one and three schools I’ve noticed a pattern.  Everything revolves around the testing industry. The federal government requires standardized tests all across our country.  These tests are poorly made and when exposed they have been silenced. As an educator, I am not even supposed to look at the child's computer screen.  Students are told to not even talk about the test. Schools are spending large amounts of money on computer programs that align to the type of standardized test that we are taking.  A lot of money is being spent on the test and test prep programs. Is the goal of school to perform good on a test? 


Not only would I be addressing how much money is being spent on these testing programs, but I would focus on the following three steps.  


Step 1: Recruit people into the education system because our country is facing a teacher shortage crisis.  I would start with finding a way to motivate people to get involved. I would start off with paying a live able wage to every job in the education sector.  By recruiting people into the field I would increase student loan forgiveness for educators by shortening the amount of years for the loan to be forgiven and increasing the forgiveness amount.


Step 2: Class size reduction to a number that is backed by research like 24 students.  All across the country classroom size numbers are rising to levels that are not manageable.  By doing this we would allow the teacher to build real and meaningful relationships with students that will help address some of our society issues.  


Step 3:  Reevaluate the mission of the public school system and bring it to the 21st century which needs to focus on the individual student  and the future of our country. The present system is failing a large number of students. The changes would need to be fundamental and beneficial for our future.


Students should be leaving high school with real world skills and certifications that they can immediately use to make money.  The education system should be differentiated, why are we holding students back with them learning all the same things. Students have an idea of what they are interested in.  A student is interested in the medical field, lets allow them to do internships at safe facilities and have a way for them to get their CNA License. Students who are interested in becoming educators, allow them to go to schools that need volunteers and to shadow teachers with pulling small groups to help. 


You could go down the line for every career and offer real world experiences in those fields.  We need to be creative and open minded to changing the way we have always done school. None of this can be done if we don’t address the teacher shortage.  Teacher programs are getting smaller and smaller. We have to identify the why and address that issue immediately.


A person who could be classified as a refugee should be welcomed with open arms. People are suffering and looking for a better life.  I want to live in a country that welcomes all and is known as a place that can offer a better life.


We can easily provide housing for anyone who is in need of housing.  We can also go one step further by giving them access to a network of resources in Opportunites for them to use that would allow them to become self-efficient in the long term. Our country is growing and we need a wide variety of skills to become better.  

Our present-day immigration system needs to be updated.  We should not have a waiting list that is multiple years long.  People who come to the United States on a student visa should not be on that visa ten years later or at an unknown location.  With this happening it tells us that the department is mismanaged and needs updating.


This is an organization issue that needs to be upgraded. If we have such a demand for visas for our country then we should charge enough money to properly provide an efficient service for all people to come to the United States.  

People who are presently living in our country that did not get the proper documentation should pay a small fee and then be given citizenship.  If they do not pay the fee after a certain date they would then be identified for breaking the law and penalized. What that penalty is I do not know, I know that it wouldn't be arresting them or deporting them.  


A question that has stuck out to me is about who benefits from someone being an undocumented immigrant? 


The government doesn’t and the undocumented immigrant doesn’t, we really need to think about this question because this is a part of a fundamental problem we are facing in the country.  No wall is going to fix this problem, lets spend the 20 million dollars a mile on fixing our immigration system.  

Living Wage

Pretend I am a single male. Had a rough life and starting over.  I graduated high school and left my situation. My cousin offered his couch to me in las vegas and I take it.  


 get a job at walmart for 8.25 per hour.  I work 40 hours a week. My take home a week is 300 dollars.  1200 a month. 


Month 1: 1200 - 200 (to cousin for rent)-100 (transportaion)-50 (phone)-200 (food)= 650 savings for that month.  

I find a roommate and we get an apartment together.  My share is 600 a month. We needed to put down a deposit of 600 each.


Month 2: 650 (savings)+ 1200= 1850 (total income).  - 1200 (rent and deposit)-100 (transportation) -50 (phone) -200 (food) = 300 dollars in savings.  

Fast forward to 12 months in Las Vegas with keeping all the bills the same.  I end up making 14,400 for the year at walmart. 

My bills end up adding up to...

6,600 for rent (11 Months)+ 200 (couch)

1,200 for transportation 

600 for phone

2400 for food

I walk away with 3400 in savings. After that year.  Lets be honest, are your bills just rent, transportation, phone, and food?  My output has a little more.

In this example, only 25 dollars was spent on transportation a week.  They bought no clothes, no medicine, no furniture, no sheets, no everyday expenses.  


That number will be hard to live on for anyone.  Imagine if your hours are cut at work, Imagine if a medical emergency happens, Imagine if your roommate gets fired and doesn’t have rent, imagine if you borrow your cousins car and get a flat tire, Imagine if you want to get a car, Imagine if you have a child, Imagine your phone breaks. 


So many things can happen.  If something happens to this person, imagine how fast they can go into debt.  Lets eliminate this potential by raising the minimum wage. We would allow people to be able to save more for those bad situations.  

Climate Change

Are we polluting the world?  We need to stop all forms of pollution. 


This means we need to make major changes in every aspect of our daily life.  


Starting with Animal agriculture, Fossil Fuels, Forms of Transportation, and Plastic Usage. 


It will be hard, but what is the cost of doing nothing?

Family Values

I never really thought about family values as a political topic.  I read the book Revolution by Bernie Sanders and my mind was blown.  If our country truly cares about family values then it needs to be the focus of our policies for the American people.  

If you or a loved one is sick you should have some sick days or personal days that you can take and receive pay.  I am not saying an abundance of sick days, but maybe 1.5 days every month of employment. Right now people can’t afford to go to the doctor or afford to take a day of no pay.  

If we as a country feel that family time is important we should encourage people to be able to take time off to spend with family or just to relax.  Family time where parents can truly spend time with their children might be what this country needs.

Mr. Sanders made a statement strictly about family values and if you are taking the time to read this, take the time to read this document.


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